Plan a Family Holiday with Egypt Tours and Travel

A family holiday is never planned according to one’s choice. One has to consider the choices of their kids, wife before working out the travel itinerary or even for selecting the location for the holiday. The children might have a different choice in their mind, as well as you and you’re beloved. While coping with all this, selecting one place, which has the capability of catering to the travel needs of everyone, is nearly impossible. However, there is one place and one service that can contribute in arranging one of the best family holidays you have ever been to.


Egypt tours and travel services are the best way to arrange for the perfect location one wants to be in with their loved one. Egypt, a country that has something for everyone, regardless of your age or your geographic background. You can plan your travel itinerary in such manner that your kids can have their own encounter with the history and culture, where they can spend their holidays in learning about different things along with having their own piece of history.


If you have been planning about spending some romantic time with your beloved wife, include the Nile river cruise in your travel plan. Cruising in the magnificent river, enjoying the luxury as well as delicious Egyptian cuisine along with a blend of yummilicious drinks will surely make this trip her memorable one. Aren’t Egypt tours and travel a perfect place to spend time with your family, letting every member enjoying a bit of Egypt.

Think about various stories they will be having at the end of the trip about those magnificent temples, mind blowing pyramids, sphinx, mystical stories connected with each of the pyramids and the luxurious cruise in Nile River. Contact Oriental tours Egypt for planning the entire trip with world class services.


Luxurious Nile Cruise In Egypt Make You Trip Success

Enjoy a trip through the heart of Egypt. Take a cruise down the River Nile between Luxor and Aswan where you can see the most attracted ancient monuments including Karnak, Luxor temple, Hatshepsut temple, Edfu temple, Com Ombo, and Philae temple, high dam and more

Does meditation make you SMART? Letting your mind wander lets the brain process MORE thoughts than when concentrating

There are many ways in which meditation helps to increase your intelligence. It helps both hemispheres of your brain work together, it helps to boost up your memory, it increases the size of your brain, and it helps to enhance your emotional intelligence. You can have this experience by taking a meditation tour in Egypt

Researchers have found four reasons meditation creates the suitable atmosphere to help your intelligence grow


a)      It connects your entire brain –It has been proved that meditation helps to synchronize both the hemisphere of human brain. This allows faster neural communication and much the power of processing increases. It makes the left and right brain work in harmony  which makes problem solving becomes easier, helps you to concentrate more and your reasoning power increases.

b)      It increases the size of your brain– Meditation helps to increase the grey matter thickness of your brain. Putting it in another way, meditation helps to increase the size of your brain , it increases the processing

c)      It helps to develop insight and intuition– As mentioned earlier, meditation helps you to concentrate and focus more, it increases the size of your brain. As a result of these effects your processing power increases and you develop a strong insight and intuition.


d)     It helps to improve long and short term memory –Memory is the main component of both intelligence and IQ. Memory is essential for daily functions. The two main areas of the brain, which are related to memory, gets stimulated.

The best way to experience a supreme session on meditation is to take a meditation tour in Egypt, where you will experience the ancient spiritual world.