Visit Egypt for Magical Meditation

Egypt is a country popularly known for Egyptian Pyramids also the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza Necropolis. There are many beautiful Pyramids in the country, like- Djoser, Khafre, Menkaure, and more. Some places, for which the country is visited are- Egyptian Museum, Lighthouse and Museum of Alexandria, Valley of the Queen and King, Philae, Red Sea Riviera and many more.


Egypt’s Meditation

Egypt is a mightily built country and has very charmed places awfully developed. It ripens peace from deep inside us. Meditation is to realize and feel the existing peace, love, happiness, purity and power that exist within us. Take up the Meditation Tour in Egypt and experience you within yourself. The Cheops Pyramid in Egypt is popularly known for the heavenly energy inside it. That delightful invisible energy develops the soothing power in us that is surprisingly healing.

Meditation Tour Program

Meditation was very helpful in knowing me, from where have I come, secrets about my existence, my aim in this world and a lot more. In my Meditation Tour to Egypt, I learned so much about myself. Cheops Pyramid, famously known as Giza Pyramid and also Khufu Pyramid, also it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


The tour is scheduled for around thirteen days, in which the program begins from Cairo airport and I was taken to Pyramids area. The meditation session took place from 6:00 to 8:00 early morning. I was then taken to Sphinx, Sakkara Pyramids, Luxor, Seti Temple to see the Goddess Hathor- Gods of Love, Karnak Temple where I got private meditation visit, Edfu Temple, Com Ombu Temple, Philae Temple, Temples of Abu Simbel and back to Cairo.

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Egypt and Beyond

Egypt and Beyond

Cruise along Lake Nasser! this Egypt travel package will enable you to visit monuments located in Lake Nasser including Abu Simbel temple, Kalabsha, Beit El-Wali, Wadi El-Sebou,Dakka, Amada as well covering the major sights in Luxor and Cairo.

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Does meditation make you SMART? Letting your mind wander lets the brain process MORE thoughts than when concentrating

There are many ways in which meditation helps to increase your intelligence. It helps both hemispheres of your brain work together, it helps to boost up your memory, it increases the size of your brain, and it helps to enhance your emotional intelligence. You can have this experience by taking a meditation tour in Egypt

Researchers have found four reasons meditation creates the suitable atmosphere to help your intelligence grow


a)      It connects your entire brain –It has been proved that meditation helps to synchronize both the hemisphere of human brain. This allows faster neural communication and much the power of processing increases. It makes the left and right brain work in harmony  which makes problem solving becomes easier, helps you to concentrate more and your reasoning power increases.

b)      It increases the size of your brain– Meditation helps to increase the grey matter thickness of your brain. Putting it in another way, meditation helps to increase the size of your brain , it increases the processing

c)      It helps to develop insight and intuition– As mentioned earlier, meditation helps you to concentrate and focus more, it increases the size of your brain. As a result of these effects your processing power increases and you develop a strong insight and intuition.


d)     It helps to improve long and short term memory –Memory is the main component of both intelligence and IQ. Memory is essential for daily functions. The two main areas of the brain, which are related to memory, gets stimulated.

The best way to experience a supreme session on meditation is to take a meditation tour in Egypt, where you will experience the ancient spiritual world.