Enjoy your trip in Egypt in Dahabiya

Are you planning to visit Egypt? Well! Egypt is known for its rich heritage, beautiful sceneries, lovely beaches, marvelous monuments and exotic sand. The magical sites of Egypt will definitely help you in rejuvenating and having a relaxing yet enjoyable vacation.

A leisure trip on the Dahabiyanile cruise is a great entertainment. Tourists from all parts of the world can be seen enjoying the stunning scenery and discovering the various parts of the river Nile. Sailing in the yacht is of course a memorable occasion especially when you want to have a great vacation. Dahabiya tours in Egypt help you to enjoy every moment of your trip. Dahabiyas are twin masted sailing yacht which has around four to eight cabins. These yachts are considered to be the oldest mode of transport for the Egyptians. Tourists who have been visiting Egypt prefer to have a ride in these dahabiyas.


The Dahabiya Nile cruise allows travelers to sail in the river at a leisure pace. The ride helps you in calming yourself down and of course lets you forget the hustle bustle of the modern culture. Dahabiya tours in Egypt ensure that you visit every important site across the river Nile. From small islands, villages and great statury monuments you will be experiencing every part of Egypt. The deluxe modern dahabiya allows you to have a relaxing time while enjoying the luxurious comforts of air conditioned rooms, spacious decks, delicious dining, and polite yet well-mannered crews.

Dahabiya tours offer you a package tour that allows you to spend time at the Great pyramid, best hotel in Egypt and of course a great, memorable time in the Cruise. We also help you in sightseeing in various parts of Egypt. Having an unforgettable sightseeing tour is certainly a great experience that every one of us would love to have. A professional agent and a travel guide who is well versed with not only the places in Egypt but also with great communication skills help you in enjoying your trip to the maximum extent. We ensure that you get the best prices and of course along with luxury hospitality.


We also assist you in booking small boats in the Nile and dahabiya boats. You can sail down the river in these private boats and have some private time. You can also celebrate your private events such as birthdays and anniversaries along with your family on board. You will definitely remember the moments you spend in Egypt once you are back from vacation. So why wait! Contact us immediately.



One of the most ideal approaches to go through Egypt is with a journey along the Nile, taking in the sights as you go. You can begin your excursion in Aswan and head south towards Luxor where you’ll discover the Valley of the Kings and captivating sanctuary mind boggling at Kom Ombo.


Venturing to every part of the Nile on a Dahabiya cruises Egypt is an extremely interesting open door. This is a rich, pilgrim style cruising watercraft that was initially used to transport well off Europeans over the water in the early nineteenth century. Your Dahabiya will regularly stop off on the way so you can take in the amazing sanctuaries and unearthing, including those that are marginally off the common traveller trails.


A standout amongst the most captivating approaches to voyage the Nile is on a conventional felucca pontoon. This wooden sail watercraft has a huge white cruise and buoys smoothly through the stream waters. Regularly on the Felucca voyage, you can rest our on deck, listening to the tender resonances of the water and wind in the sail as you rest. You’ll presumably fly out from Aswan to Luxor where you can see the sanctuary ruins at Kom Ombo and Valley of the Kings, before you head to the Red Sea for a spot of jumping.


An alternate approach to go down the Nile is on one of the bigger journey ships, normally including a couple of a larger number of nights than alternate visits and including visits to the absolute most amazing memorable sights. A significant number of the outings begin in Aswan and head downstream towards Luxor. The enormous journey watercrafts on the Nile voyage outing likewise have space to sunbathe on deck and a swimming pool, agreeable lodges and great sustenance.