Enjoy your trip in Egypt in Dahabiya

Are you planning to visit Egypt? Well! Egypt is known for its rich heritage, beautiful sceneries, lovely beaches, marvelous monuments and exotic sand. The magical sites of Egypt will definitely help you in rejuvenating and having a relaxing yet enjoyable vacation.

A leisure trip on the Dahabiyanile cruise is a great entertainment. Tourists from all parts of the world can be seen enjoying the stunning scenery and discovering the various parts of the river Nile. Sailing in the yacht is of course a memorable occasion especially when you want to have a great vacation. Dahabiya tours in Egypt help you to enjoy every moment of your trip. Dahabiyas are twin masted sailing yacht which has around four to eight cabins. These yachts are considered to be the oldest mode of transport for the Egyptians. Tourists who have been visiting Egypt prefer to have a ride in these dahabiyas.


The Dahabiya Nile cruise allows travelers to sail in the river at a leisure pace. The ride helps you in calming yourself down and of course lets you forget the hustle bustle of the modern culture. Dahabiya tours in Egypt ensure that you visit every important site across the river Nile. From small islands, villages and great statury monuments you will be experiencing every part of Egypt. The deluxe modern dahabiya allows you to have a relaxing time while enjoying the luxurious comforts of air conditioned rooms, spacious decks, delicious dining, and polite yet well-mannered crews.

Dahabiya tours offer you a package tour that allows you to spend time at the Great pyramid, best hotel in Egypt and of course a great, memorable time in the Cruise. We also help you in sightseeing in various parts of Egypt. Having an unforgettable sightseeing tour is certainly a great experience that every one of us would love to have. A professional agent and a travel guide who is well versed with not only the places in Egypt but also with great communication skills help you in enjoying your trip to the maximum extent. We ensure that you get the best prices and of course along with luxury hospitality.


We also assist you in booking small boats in the Nile and dahabiya boats. You can sail down the river in these private boats and have some private time. You can also celebrate your private events such as birthdays and anniversaries along with your family on board. You will definitely remember the moments you spend in Egypt once you are back from vacation. So why wait! Contact us immediately.


Select Oriental Tours Egypt for Well Planned Egypt Tours and Travel

Egypt for long is known as the ancient city of mysteries and beautiful tombs and temples. The history and architecture of Egypt has inspired many writers and poets from all across the globe. From the enigmatic Pyramids to the Sphinx there is so much to see in Egypt that hiring a trusted tour operator is a must.


There are many tour operators available in Egypt but the most trusted company in this industry is Oriental Tours Egypt. The Egypt Tours and Travel organized by the experts of this company is well planned and covers all the major tourist destinations present in Egypt. Any traveller who has chosen to opt for the packages offered by Oriental Tours Egypt has had a complete travel experience in Egypt. The tour operators even recommend the tourists to plan a trip to Egypt between May to September as it is the perfect time for beach holidays in Egypt.


The Egypt Tours and Travel planned by Oriental Tours Egypt even offer cruise tours in the Dahabiya boats. These boats are known to be traditional and royal boats. Travellers can have a royal travel experience by cruising along the River Nile in these traditional and private boats. The tour guides provided by this company have complete knowledge about the ancient and glorious history of Egypt and the temples present here. The transportation services offered by Oriental Tours Egypt are extremely comfortable and completely reliable.

Visit Egypt for Magical Meditation

Egypt is a country popularly known for Egyptian Pyramids also the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza Necropolis. There are many beautiful Pyramids in the country, like- Djoser, Khafre, Menkaure, and more. Some places, for which the country is visited are- Egyptian Museum, Lighthouse and Museum of Alexandria, Valley of the Queen and King, Philae, Red Sea Riviera and many more.


Egypt’s Meditation

Egypt is a mightily built country and has very charmed places awfully developed. It ripens peace from deep inside us. Meditation is to realize and feel the existing peace, love, happiness, purity and power that exist within us. Take up the Meditation Tour in Egypt and experience you within yourself. The Cheops Pyramid in Egypt is popularly known for the heavenly energy inside it. That delightful invisible energy develops the soothing power in us that is surprisingly healing.

Meditation Tour Program

Meditation was very helpful in knowing me, from where have I come, secrets about my existence, my aim in this world and a lot more. In my Meditation Tour to Egypt, I learned so much about myself. Cheops Pyramid, famously known as Giza Pyramid and also Khufu Pyramid, also it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


The tour is scheduled for around thirteen days, in which the program begins from Cairo airport and I was taken to Pyramids area. The meditation session took place from 6:00 to 8:00 early morning. I was then taken to Sphinx, Sakkara Pyramids, Luxor, Seti Temple to see the Goddess Hathor- Gods of Love, Karnak Temple where I got private meditation visit, Edfu Temple, Com Ombu Temple, Philae Temple, Temples of Abu Simbel and back to Cairo.

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One of the most ideal approaches to go through Egypt is with a journey along the Nile, taking in the sights as you go. You can begin your excursion in Aswan and head south towards Luxor where you’ll discover the Valley of the Kings and captivating sanctuary mind boggling at Kom Ombo.


Venturing to every part of the Nile on a Dahabiya cruises Egypt is an extremely interesting open door. This is a rich, pilgrim style cruising watercraft that was initially used to transport well off Europeans over the water in the early nineteenth century. Your Dahabiya will regularly stop off on the way so you can take in the amazing sanctuaries and unearthing, including those that are marginally off the common traveller trails.


A standout amongst the most captivating approaches to voyage the Nile is on a conventional felucca pontoon. This wooden sail watercraft has a huge white cruise and buoys smoothly through the stream waters. Regularly on the Felucca voyage, you can rest our on deck, listening to the tender resonances of the water and wind in the sail as you rest. You’ll presumably fly out from Aswan to Luxor where you can see the sanctuary ruins at Kom Ombo and Valley of the Kings, before you head to the Red Sea for a spot of jumping.


An alternate approach to go down the Nile is on one of the bigger journey ships, normally including a couple of a larger number of nights than alternate visits and including visits to the absolute most amazing memorable sights. A significant number of the outings begin in Aswan and head downstream towards Luxor. The enormous journey watercrafts on the Nile voyage outing likewise have space to sunbathe on deck and a swimming pool, agreeable lodges and great sustenance.

Travel to Egypt: 7 things, what to do and what not to do at night

Egypt is a country that attracts huge numbers of tourists each year. It is an extremely popular holiday destination with just the right ratio of culture, history, fun and luxury. Whether you are traveling Egypt by road or taking the more popular dahabiya Nile cruise, there are certain attractions in Egypt, which you must certainly not miss. Apart from the regular tourist destinations like the pyramids, which you must visit, there are other, more local things that you must also make sure that you do.

• Dinner cruise on the Nile: if you are traveling the country on a dahabiya Nile cruise by OrientalToursEgypt, and then you will have the opportunity to do this almost every night. Otherwise, you can always make use of the very many small sailing boats in the Nile to have an intimate and romantic dinner on the most famous river in the world.

• Shopping: Egypt, especially Cairo has amazing local markets that you cannot miss if you are fond of shopping. Interesting people and the chance to interact with the locals is an experience that is amazing.

• Watch some of the best belly dancers in the world perform at truly exotic locations.

• The light and sound show at the pyramids in the evening is not something to be missed. Visiting the pyramids in the evening is totally different from seeing them in the afternoon sun.

• Dinner and dancing: There are very many famous dance clubs in Cairo where you can enjoy good music with good food and wine.

• As a tourist you also need to be careful about personal safety. Be sure to not wander late at night alone and never step into dark alleys.

• Do not drink tap water in Egypt since it might be polluted.

Planning Your Cruise – Choosing the Most Comfortable Accommodations

If you are planning a trip to Egypt, then Dahabeya house boat offered by Oriental Turs Egypt Dahabiya Tours Packages is the best choice to make. This package induces images of romance, jaw- dropping monuments, Agatha Christie novels and temples of ancient Egypt.

 This typical Dahabeya house boat of Oriental Tours Egypt Dahabiya Tours Packages will start from Esna and cover popular places like Edfu, Kom Ombo before landing in Aswan.Most of Nile cruises will last at 4 night but Dahabeya Al-Pash tailor made sailing package where tourist can choose any number of nights as per their wish.

The small boat consists of four suits cabins where maximum 2 people can occupy. These luxurious cabins is very comfortable with air conditioned, independently named, well decorated and facilitate great outside view through large window. Guest can enjoy their privacy with attached bathroom, TV, telephone and with sufficient storage places like cupboards and drawers. Bath rooms are well designed including washbasin, hairdryer, power shower etc. Other facility of the boat includes sundeck, salon/bar, DVD’s, Internet and book library. Sundeck of this boat is amazing place to enjoy sun while having drink and chatting with friends. Upper deck is so spacious allows you to relax and enjoy the beauty of Nile.

Oriental Tours Egypt Dahabiya Tours Packages will give you the most excellent option for scheduling a tour to Egypt around your own plan. Before selecting any of travel packages better to ensure that what exactly it includes and excludes. If exclusion list is too long, inclusive, then you could wind up your trip spending much more than budgeted.

Cruise Vacation Tips – Where Is the Most Stable Cabin on a Cruise Liner?

Choosing a most stable cabin can be challenging and fun at the same time, and not just a slight annoying on occasion. Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package is the best choice to make. However, before booking the cabin, ask yourself few questions as below:

Do you have a tendency to get sick while sailing?

Do you like to relax on your balcony rather than hanging with the crowd here and there in the pool vicinity?

On the other hand, is your plan is of a cruise cabin just a place to droop into bed –No fancy ideas essential?

Choosing Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package will ensure all your needs to have a great cruise vacation. Their amazing tailored Egypt Luxor packages will enable you to have great nights exploring wonders of Luxor cities. This exciting tour package includes Dahbeya Judi, Dahabeya Amoura, Princess Donia, Dahabeya Al- Pasha so on.

Dahbeya Judi of Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package is the kind of once in life time experience package. If you are a writer or artist or among those who don’t like to mingle with many people, will extremely enjoy this package. This small boat will allow you to grab pictures; artist can paint amazing sceneries as well. Dahabeya Amoura, this private Nile cruise sail can be a wonderful gift to your wife on her birthday or wedding anniversary celebration. Nevertheless, one can enjoy the concealed assets of ancient Egypt with small sailing boat of Dahabeya package called as Dahabeya Al- Pasha. This house boat sailing can make your family so excited and give a feeling of very distinctive experience.