Memorable journey with Felucca sailing in the Nile


Exploring the Nile with the Felucca includes another of the adventure trips that might want to take up while your visit in this country. The Felucca is the boats that allow you to sail with your family or your lover as it allows you to explore the banks of the river Nile. Feluccas sailing in the Nile are furnished with the luxurious cushions and the tables that give you a picnic styled environment. They usually permits to take you for the sail during the days but can be extended with the advantage with one night staying at this beautiful boats.

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There are several of the Feluccas from which one can easily choose to enjoy the Nile and the other attractions present on the banks of Nile. Some of the most astonishing in this category are:

  • Oriental Dream Felucca

It allows you to visit some of the exciting places in Egypt as well as allows you tasting the delicious cuisines it offers to the boarders. It also has the showers in the bathrooms that can let you to get fresh when you get to carry your shopping bags.

  • Glory of Nubia

It provides the daily tours along with the perfect homely ambience that you might anticipate while your long stays sailing on the river Nile. Along with the delicious cuisines it offers, it also has the factor of the itineraries that get the tourist to easily incline towards it.

  • Spring Time Felucca

This boat allows you to sail along the river with the lunch and the dinners that would not only relish your eyes but also your heart. You can be assured of having the best Felucca sailing experiences in the Nile with Spring Time Felucca.