Travel to Egypt: 7 things, what to do and what not to do at night

Egypt is a country that attracts huge numbers of tourists each year. It is an extremely popular holiday destination with just the right ratio of culture, history, fun and luxury. Whether you are traveling Egypt by road or taking the more popular dahabiya Nile cruise, there are certain attractions in Egypt, which you must certainly not miss. Apart from the regular tourist destinations like the pyramids, which you must visit, there are other, more local things that you must also make sure that you do.

• Dinner cruise on the Nile: if you are traveling the country on a dahabiya Nile cruise by OrientalToursEgypt, and then you will have the opportunity to do this almost every night. Otherwise, you can always make use of the very many small sailing boats in the Nile to have an intimate and romantic dinner on the most famous river in the world.

• Shopping: Egypt, especially Cairo has amazing local markets that you cannot miss if you are fond of shopping. Interesting people and the chance to interact with the locals is an experience that is amazing.

• Watch some of the best belly dancers in the world perform at truly exotic locations.

• The light and sound show at the pyramids in the evening is not something to be missed. Visiting the pyramids in the evening is totally different from seeing them in the afternoon sun.

• Dinner and dancing: There are very many famous dance clubs in Cairo where you can enjoy good music with good food and wine.

• As a tourist you also need to be careful about personal safety. Be sure to not wander late at night alone and never step into dark alleys.

• Do not drink tap water in Egypt since it might be polluted.


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