Oriental Tours Egypt Excursions – Aswan-Abu Simbel

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Aswan is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt with the town located on the east bank and the desert closing in on the Nile. Aswan is truly considered the jewel of the Nile.

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Information on Felucca Sailing in the Nile

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If you are planning to enjoy a romantic Egyptian vacation with your partner, then Felucca sailing boats are something to look forward to. Felucca is one of the oldest forms of sailing boats used in this part of the country. In the medieval era Felucca was a major form of water transport equipment used by the inhabitants of Nile Valley.

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Luxury Luxor Cruises, Egypt

Luxor is one of the major tourist locations in Egypt that attracts thousands of people from all parts of the earth. The place is home to some of the oldest buildings and temples of Egypt. If you are planning a special vacation this year, then visiting Egypt wouldn’t be a bad choice. However, before you book your tickets take a look at some of the finest features of this historical nation. Almost every tourist who visits Egypt spends a considerable part of his holiday in Luxor. One of the best features of Luxor is its Nile cruises. If you have a tourist guide, he would definitely advice you to opt for a luxurious Luxor cruise. Without Luxor cruises Egypt tours are incomplete. So, before you make your plans try to learn about different types of Luxor Cruises and their prices.

If you search for Luxor Cruises Egypt, you would find lot of information and pictures about different locations that make the cruise worthwhile. Timely enquiry is important if you are wishing to have a long boat journey. Nile cruises can go on for 5 to 7 days and even longer. There are so many luxury boats and 5 star houseboats that take tourists across the Nile river. The journey covers several villages and ancient cities that flank the banks of this legendry river.

There are several online tourism sites that can help you in locating some of the best Luxor cruises, Egypt tour packages and desert safaris. However, it is advisable to make some early enquires because holiday seasons are fast approaching.