Travel to Egypt- some suggestions to make the trip more comfortable

Egypt is a wonderful holiday destination and its 5000 years old history is sure to hold you in thrall. For your travel to Egypt here are some suggestions to make it more comfortable.

Firstly, do bear in mind that Egypt can get oppressively hot during the summer months and the sun beating down on your head is no way to enjoy the pyramids or a desert safari. However, if you are very much into scuba diving or snorkelling, then summertime is good for visiting the Red Sea Coast of Egypt. That said, the winter months between October to March are the best for travel to Egypt since the weather is pleasant and much more conducive to all the sightseeing.

Secondly, although the people of Egypt are friendly, warm and hospitable, they are a bit conservative in their clothes, so, it behoves to dress appropriately when out sightseeing or visiting mosques. If travelling alone, women should be extra careful and not become too friendly with any strangers.

Thirdly, if booking a Private Nile Cruise, ensure that all the major sights are included in the price and all port charges are also inclusive. Be clear about the rates of the optional tours offered.  Get references, since like everywhere else, there are many unscrupulous tour agents waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists.

Fourthly, hotel standards vary in places and what is good for a 3-star property in Hurgada may not hold true for Cairo. So, do your homework before booking the hotel.

Lastly, when you travel to Egypt, do remember, that you are only a visitor and that beneath its glossy exterior, Egypt is still a very old country and it is only right that you show proper respect for its customs and traditions.


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