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Safety tips to maintain while traveling on small boats in the Nile

The River Nile is one of the most majestic and intriguing rivers in the world. Its enigma is beyond compare. It is not just the history which favors this river system, but its whole geography (it is the longest river in the world) and the civilization which has stemmed out of its roots speak for its magnanimity. Most Egypt tours are programmed with a cruise ride on this river. Alternatively, people also book small boats to have a closer look into the river’s bed and to opt for higher privacy and lower expense.

When traveling on small boats in the Nile, there are some safety tips which you should abide by. Here is a quick run down into them:

i. Do not trip over: Make sure that you do not trip over the boat and fall into the river. Nile is also home to some crocodiles that are not very innocuous by nature. They can rip you off in no time. However, there is nothing to fear for most part of the journey, since only a small area of the river is infested with these reptiles. The deltaic area near Aswan is more likely to see your encounter with the crocs. And you should be doubly sure as to not to trip over. The other regions are quite safe. Still, there is no reason why you should trip over!

ii. Take care of your possessions: While traveling on the small boats in the Nile, you must take greater care of the belongings. Safety is low as compared to the one accorded in your private cabins on a Dahabiya or a cruise.

iii. Listen to the guide: Your travel guide surely knows better than you about the river and about its behavior. So, better listen to him and do not avoid his instructions.