To the Land of Pharaohs with Oriental Tours Egypt

Beautiful Egypt doesn’t need any words to describe its beuty. Egypt has always been a land glorified by thousands of years of history; millions have fought for the land and treasures the memory of human civilization and the evolutionary architecture which has amused the people of modern era. Come and visit Egypt and let us to serve you and help you to get an auspicious experience of beautiful Egypt. Oriental Tours Egypt is a very well known and reputed name in the business of travel agencies. We are been in this business for a long period 17 years and have earned our position in this field by facilitating our customers with best services, experienced guides and 1st grade quality assurance. When you plan your holiday trip with us, we take care of your paper works, licenses, meals and hotel accommodations, your day to day sightseeing planning’s and also your rides to the tourist spots and your duty remains just to enjoy and to treasure a wonderful memory of this land of living history.

If you sail down to Aswan on our Nile Cruise in Egypt or on our small sailing boats you will able to enjoy the beautiful river Nile in a splendid way. On the East coast of it, it is the City of Luxor or Thebes. Here in a sort of an open-air museum on both banks of the Nile is the highest construction of monuments in ancient time. One cannot mention Luxor, without traveling back in history for insights about this unique and dramatic city. Don’t lose the chance to make your journey memorable at Koh Samui in Thailand. So keep your site with a amazing milestone & get the flight tickets by Thai airway which grabs the lots of services.

So, why you are wasting your time? Come and experience it yourself and gift yourself an auspicious memory with Oriental Tours Egypt.


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