Magical Felucca Sailing over the bed of river Nile

Egypt is a place where every person in this world wish to go for travelling at least once. A large variety of culture is found in here. In Egypt one can easily come in the vicinity of ancient history through the great tombs that’s is the pyramids. Also they can enjoy in the modern cities as well as old cities too. Even a great number of beaches are present in there. One of the most significant thing in Egypt is the river Nile. The beauty of the river is one of the most important thing that calls millions of traveler round the year. A lot of activity can be done over the bed of the river, Nile.

Felucca Sailing in the Nile is one the popular thing to do and the tourist who comes to Egypt, never wants to miss that ride. If a person is travelling to Egypt do not know how to manage things then Oriental tours Egypt is the best option for them. They arrange three nights ride in the Felucca sailing over Nile which will give the chance to enjoy the magical night over it. Meals will be served by the crews and Nubian party with the crew will be surely great enough to spend the magical night. One thing is that there is no toilet facility on the boat, one have to go to the toilet to the particular sites and also there are no particular schedule for the ride because sailing is depend on the wind and current.


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