Small sailing boats in the Nile: Experience heavenly pleasures of a Nile journey

The Nile, the life blood of Egypt, is not just a great river but an astonishingly serene and enchanting thing which can give you goose bumps if you sail down its wide arms and feel the breezy kiss on your face. Your Egypt tours will be rendered incomplete if you do not experience the joys that the virgin Nile has to offer. There are small sailing boats in the Nile. They can be spotted everywhere having scattered themselves over the river’s humongous body. These boats can also be hired by tourists.

Depending on your requirement, you can hire the boats for a few hours or even for over a day. These boats are completely safe and secure and can give you a sneak glimpse into the organic life of the great river. It can be utterly romantic to sail through the Nile on these boats. The scene of the sinking sun in the horizon or the view of the open, azure sky from beneath can simply send you in a dream-like voyage. If you are with your loved one and wish to spend some cozy hours, then traveling down the Nile can be the most memorable thing you have ever done in your life.

Nile cruise booking also gives you a chance to board Dahabeya, a traditional golden ship which will not just give you all kinds of comforts but also remind you of the bygone era when the kings & queens of the country used to travel on such ships. One may ask that why should you take a cruise or boat ride across the Nile? There are many reasons one can give. Firstly, the majestic Nile flows through various towns and can give you a peek into the cities in a mesmerizing way. People on Egypt tours need to sail through the Nile to experience the culture, the lifestyle, the tradition, the food and the atmosphere. Nile magically conjures up an ambience which fuses the past with the present. You will be able to hear the whispers of the Pharaohs and at the same time experience the growth of the modern cities.

Secondly, a Nile voyage is ethereally romantic and highly elative. It can be your passport to paradise. Thirdly, such a journey can be very liberating and exhilarating. You will definitely enjoy a lot and take back pleasant memories.

Nile cruise booking usually comes with 2-4 days package. But you can also customize your booking to make the trip the way you desire. Some packages also let you enjoy some sporting games like scuba diving. As you sail through the river you will also come across some of the historic treasure troves of the country. From the sphinx to the pyramids, the entire Egyptian history will be laid bare before you in this phantasmagoric ride down the Nile.

Another great thing is that even if your limited budget doesn’t allow you to book expensive cruises, you can hire small sailing boats in the Nile. These sailing boats are cheaper yet will give you a memorable experience!


House boat and Nile cruises: See Egypt through the river’s eye

Ever thought of a holiday as romantic as you find in those unearthly fairy tales? Ever thought that your honeymoon can be a charming and unforgettable experience amidst the most loveable ambience God has conjured on the planet? Egypt is a country which is the ultimate place of romance. It is true that the country is chiefly reputed for its pyramids, sphinxes and other historical archives. But a stay in the house boat on the river Nile can be one of the most memorable things you have ever done in your life!

Welcome to Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs and the Nile! If the country regales a historian with its rich historical treasures, than it equally mesmerizes a honeymooner with its princely Nile that can make you relive the bygone eras. Nile cruises are in popular demand and offer extraordinary services to tourists and travelers. On a cruise ship, you get to travel through almost the entire country as the flowing waters take you into the amazing Aswan, the charismatic Cairo, and the loveable Luxor. Under a honeymoon travel package, you can reap all the benefits of traveling on these cruises and have the best period of your life. A cruise can be the perfect gift you can make to your spouse!

As the water of Nile swirls and heaves, it gives you a superb view of the skyline and the shores. Even from far away, you can trace out the giant monuments and the famous temples. Spending some cozy hours in a house boat is a revelation. It is romantic and panoramic. These boats and cruises travel through a fixed route and allow you to witness the country in all its glory. How can you not fall in love with the wondrous beauty of Egypt and with the exuberance of the longest river of the world?

Nile has so much to offer apart from just waters and tides! It is the source of inspiration, life blood and the hub of culture and civilization for centuries. Nile cruises give you an once-in-a-lifetime experience of gorging on the beauty of the mighty Nile and feasting on the history of the country. These cruises and boats cover all major destinations including Cairo, Aswan and Luxor so that you can have a completely bewitching and satisfying sightseeing experience. It is a luxurious yet elegant way to discover Egypt and to rediscover life! You may have been into the flashy theatres and the gaudy malls in other western countries! But Nile silently holds something which is a rarity and which is your gateway to the heavenly past.

Under a honeymoon travel package, you can also avail good discounts. Besides, the major tour operators will fill you up with all the detailed information about the places you get to visit. Charges of cruise ships and a house boat are quite reasonable, given that you get to have the best few hours of your life! Egypt and Nile are inseparable, and it is vital that you see the country through the river’s eye.

Hire cruises and small boats in the Nile: Get hypnotized by Egypt’s magic

There are several great holiday destinations in the world but none of them can match the historic appeal of Egypt! Egypt and its omnipresent Nile can magically transfer you back into the ancient age. The cruises and the small boats in the Nile operate for tourists and can take you on a memorable voyage down the river and down the memory lane. History comes alive before your very eyes as the river showcases the beauty of the country with an arrogant display of tides. You are taken on a roller coaster ride through the ancient nooks and corners of the country which quietly hold the unspoken secrets of the past.

Dahabiya Nile cruise will take you into and through Luxor, a city which is the favorite haunt of tourists and almost always included in all cruise packages. It is packed with mythology, history and the evidential monuments. The Thebes is an ancient site which can be an ecstasy for everyone in love with history and archeology. The famed Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is situated here. The Queen was a powerful Pharaoh and perhaps the only female Pharaoh with a reign spanning over two decades. The Karnak complex is another intriguing site which will draw gasps out of you. Leave its beauty aside, it will be the fragrance of its lost history which will jerk at your tear glands and take you back through the time warp.

Under a private Nile cruise, you get to explore the culture of the country in all its vividness. Even though a cruise sails through the river, it regularly comes to a halt at major sightseeing spots where the tourists can get down and take a look around. Thus, the entire stretch of the country can be covered in quick time and in an interesting way. It is like the Nile holding your hand and showing you the way around!

Another must-visit site in Luxor is the Luxor Museum. It can give you a look into the lifestyle and culture of both the ancient and modern civilization of Egypt. The small boats in the Nile offer you a pleasant escape from the ritzy hotels and a far more romantic experience! Felucca is another noted sailing boat which the tourists can hire.

Dahabiya Nile cruise will also take you to the Valley of the Kings. The thunderous name is appropriately christened since the place is the burial ground of close to hundred pharaohs. It can also get a bit creepy and spooky with so many tombs around. But it is nevertheless, thrilling and exciting!

Your private Nile cruise will also show you the modern face of Egypt by taking you to Aswan. The city is beautiful, serene and a heady contrast of past and the present. The top sightseeing locales include Aga Khan’s Mausoleum, Philae Temple, Lake Nasser, Unfinished Obelisk and Sharia-as-Souq.

Hiring small boats in the Nile can be your perfect way of seeing the country. Boats and cruises can be booked online but make sure to book them in advance.

Enjoy Egypt holidays through Luxor cruises and sailing boats

Just in case, you are looking for a good holiday destination, then an Egypt trip is thoroughly recommended. Egypt holidays can fill you with the kind of euphoria which perhaps no other destination can match. This is owing to the inimitable historic charm of the country and the unique culture which never fails to bewitch the foreign tourists. And amongst its many cities, Luxor always makes it to the must-visit list of the travelers. Luxor is replete with architectural buildings, crumbling monuments, sedate temples and other remnants from the past which will evoke a flood of emotion within you.

The best way to discover the country is by sailing over the Nile. Luxor cruises are incredibly famous and pack in all the punch to make your voyage an utterly unforgettable one.  Where else in the world can you explore a country on its river! Nile is not merely a river famed for its length; it is a source of eternal joy for tourists from all parts of the country and across all eras. Many scholars, historians and authors have chronicled the beauty of Nile through their pen. One Hercule Poirot novel by Agatha Christie has its setting on a Nile cruise. The charm of the river is very infectious! No wonder, even authors couldn’t hold themselves from singing to the glory of this river.

The cruise ships and sailing boats which sail through Nile give you a very panoramic view of the surroundings, the river and the sky. The cruises travel through a pre-defined destination and you get the opportunity to witness most of the treasures and gems of the country. Be it Cairo’s monuments or Aswan’s dams or Luxor’s temples- you get a chance to set your eyes on all the good things which the country has to offer. The pyramids and the sphinxes are special attractions of the country. Luxor cruises throw a special emphasis on these sites and even make a landing at certain destinations so that tourists can walk over, take pictures and soak in the historical pleasure.

These sailing boats will promise you more than you could have expected even in your wildest dream. Throughout the day and night, you can feel the cool wind flirting with your hairs and the sun & moon playing hide-n-seek with the white clouds. You will cruise along in the wake of the river which has been nourishing the country for thousands of years. The experience can give you goose bumps and there won’t be a boring moment.

Luxor cruises come in different packages to suit the need of various tourists. In accordance to your requirement and sightseeing preference, you can make a booking. The cruises are available separately for daytime and nighttime. If you wish to see the country under the sun, then you can go for day bookings. And if you wish to witness the sites under the dark skyline, then night bookings can also be done. Owing to heavy demand for cruise Egypt holidays, you will have to make advance bookings.

The nature, the temples, the pyramids and the sand- amidst all of these, you will go joyously mad!

Dahabiya cruise: Your passport to paradise of Nile

Egypt is that perfect country where one can find every aspect of a good holiday. The country’s richly profuse history and an ancient culture teemed with bazaars and the unforgettable Nile certainly makes the trip a unique experience. Those who travel to Egypt never fail to board the Dahabiya for a memorable trip down the river Nile. Nile that flows throughout the country and cuts through the nooks of various cities like Aswan, Cairo and Luxor can give you a pleasant peek into the architecture and outline of the country.

Dahabiya cruise is a very popular and ingenious way of letting your hair down and enjoying your trip to the fullest. It is a secure and ideal way of feasting your eyes on all the monuments, pyramids, sphinxes, temples and other delights that the place has to offer. Nile is the longest river in the world and is your window to one of the most ancient and richest civilizations in the world. Since the river meanders through the various crevices of the country, you easily get an insight into the quintessential lifestyle which the locals follow.

Dahabiya Nile Cruise is in heavy demand these days. A Dahabiya is a colossal looking ship with a giant sail. It is grand in looks and is reminiscent of the days when Pharaohs used to enjoy traveling down the Nile on these. These ship-like structures are not just great in looks from the exterior but are stuffed with all the luxurious items from the inside. You can expect a royal treatment, great hospitality and presence of all facilities inside these vessels. Dahabiya has a colonial presence since they were used by the European travelers to sail down the Nile. Their popularity has increased over the years with the tourists appreciating the comfort and experience they offer.

When you travel to Egypt, you surely would like to explore it in its pristine form. Since Egypt is a huge country with quite a few interesting cities, it may not be possible for you to explore the country on land in just a few days. Dahabiya cruise, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to access different cities in a short time and capture all the mesmerizing moments in your camera and memories. The great thing is that these vessels make a stop-over at certain destinations so that you can take a closer look at the temples and monuments and explore them till your heart’s desire. After you are done, the Dahabiya shall sail again to another destination and for another breath-taking experience!

Dahabiya Nile cruise is an elegant and classic way of Last Minute Travel in this country. It certainly lends your holiday a unique personality since you virtually do all the sightseeing on and through the Nile. Furthermore, bookworms who have read Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’ will definitely look forward to the delights of the river as described in the book. And yes, they won’t be disappointed!

To book a Dahabiya cruise, all you have to do is to log on to internet and make a quick online booking.